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Visit Lake Balaton, a true fishing paradise

Due to the geographical settings of Balatonberény, one of the best angling water of the Lake Balaton can be found here: the Zala River flows into the Lake Balaton, and from Balatonberény right until Keszthely nothing but reeds decorate the shores.

Its crystal clear and oxygenated water, extensive reeds and proportioned lakebed make it perfectly ideal to try out any angling method. The almost untouched wildlife undisturbed by bathers, allows to catch the most diverse fish from both herbivorous and predatory species. Thanks to the relatively low and evenly deepening water (about 3 meters at 300 meters from shore) which warms up quickly even in the early spring period, fish are attracted to this spot.

Angling from the shore, from a boat or from a water platform is all possible from here. You can rent a water platform and a fishing boat, but also a small feeding boat and a fish radar if needed. The lovers of spin fishing can use a steady, large trimaran boat which allows angling from a standing position.

Due to the capacity of our waterfront apartments, we are able to accommodate larger groups up to 24 people. Those who stay with us can be accompanied by their friends and families, who will also have the opportunity to spend a relaxing time in a beautiful and tranquil environment with many amenities.

This place is perfect to organise small angling contests or to compare the effectiveness of the different angling methods. 

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For a long time Balatonberény had been hosting the most prestigious Hungarian and international angling tournaments (IBCC, NBBH), which proved, that the potential of the water here is outstanding.

Over the last few years, teams that entered the tournaments from this spot were always among the winners.

Be among the best:
IBCC angling tournament spot of the Lake Balaton!

  • Waterfront accommodation with facilities not only for anglers, but for their friends and families too. (up to 24 people)

  • Angling from shore, from boat or from water platform

  • Rental possibilities (boat, feeding boat)

  • Assistance in obtaining the required angling licence



Fisherman at Sunset
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